Balloons and a giant teddy bear might be a bit much for your cubicle. If you're looking for a subtle way to celebrate Valentine's Day at the office, here are six clever ideas to bring out some workplace affection without going overboard.


1. V-Day succulent garden


Image: Shelley/Sow & Dipity

Upgrade the usual desk plant look by adding a colorful V-Day themed succulent dish garden. This little nod to the holiday of love isn't overbearing, but it might draw some appreciative attention. Bonus: All the supplies can be purchased from the dollar store!

2. Cute candy jar


Image: Leigh Anne/Houseologie

No one can complain about an open candy dish; in fact, you might make some new office friends this week! Decorate a jar with some festive red and white touches and fill it with delicious treats for the perfect desktop candy holder.

3. Steamy mugs


Image: Susan/Organized 31

If your decor is in your utensils, that's not really decorating right? Bring in your own DIYed Valentine's coffee mug so that you can celebrate some love with every cup!

4. Cozy candleholders


Image: Emily & Erin/Elizabeth Joan Designs

Lighting some small candles in handmade heart holders at your desk isn't only a great way to decorate for V-Day, it's a fabulous method to bring a calm atmosphere to your workplace. Just be sensitive to your co-workers by making sure your candles aren't scented.

5. Affectionate frames


Image: Victoria/Mucho Crafts

Add a romantically decorated frame to your usual picture display this week, and fill it with your favorite shot of you and your sweetheart. Try this incredible picture frame craft, for a simply splendid Valentine's Day desk decoration.

6. Fun coasters


Image: Angela @Blue i Style

Avoid condensation damage to your desktop and celebrate V-Day at the same time by creating a set of L-O-V-E Scrabble letter coasters for your work space. When you're not using them, display them as a mini art installation in your cubicle!

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