When throwing a themed party, it's important to try and think of the subtle details that will resemble your theme. In this case, I wanted to focus on important aspects from the movie that people would recognize OR that they would appreciate after watching the entire Blu-ray™DVD.


Here's what our party looked like before the kids and parents dug into the fun.

First things first, pick your party colors. For the Annie party, our main party color was red with accents of blue and yellow.


I started with some pretty and easy to find decor items found at the craft store. I purchased paper straws, red jars, red envelopes, unfinished easels, balloons, glass bottles, baker's twine, popcorn containers, etc. To enhance the custom feel of the party, I covered the popcorn containers and water bottles with with Annie labels.


The backdrop was made of simple crepe paper, and I tied red bows on the strings of the yellow balloons. Finally, I stacked red and black cupcake liners to hold yellow and blue cotton candy (who doesn't love some red and blue cotton candy?). I used dessert jars, found at the dollar store, to hold blue jello.


Next, I focused on the details from the movie itself. If you haven't seen Annie, you might not understand the details until you watch the Blu-ray™ (it's such a great movie!). I grabbed golden coins and chocolate million dollar bars to represent Mr. Stacks' money-Add a red plastic scoop into the glass filled with golden coins and any child in the neighborhood will be eager to dig in!



As you can see, using red as the main color, I painted the unfinished easels with red acrylic paint using a sponge paintbrush. All of these supplies are found at your local craft store. Using your computer and home printer, simply print off labels that will fit inside the frames that help describe the food or treat at the party. While I simply can't give the story away, those of you who have seen Annie already understand the importance of the Literacy Center. Therefore, I supplied Smarties to all of the graduates at the party!


The incredible music that Annie is known for couldn't be ignored at our Blu-ray™ viewing party! People love to sing Annie songs, and we've been dancing along to the soundtrack since we saw the movie in the theater. So, I picked up red envelopes at the craft store and placed the song lyrics to Annie's most recognizable songs into the individual envelopes. That way everybody could sing along as we were watching the movie! Think: "Tomorrow," "It's a Hard Knock Life," and "Opportunity"...


At the end of the party, everybody went home with Annie charm bracelets and their own Annie soundtrack (so perfect for our party's theme!)

The party was fun, it went fast and a great time was had by all! We ate special treats, indulged in some music and enjoyed watching Annie just as much as the first time!

The party was a total success and the Annie details were so fun to coordinate.


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