Have the perfectly organized home of your dreams in just one weekend! Just tackle your house room by room, using these clever organizing ideas, and you'll be living clutter-free by next week.


In the kitchen

1. Lazy Susans


Image: Elena/‘A Casarella

The secret to total kitchen organization is lazy Susans everywhere! Add a few to your refrigerator for easy access and place a couple in your cabinets to totally eliminate that corner cabinet black hole phenomenon!

2. Hanging spice storage


Image: Jami/Freckled Laundry

Instead of leaving your spices on a shelf or counter where they can be knocked over, are always in the way and tend to get lost, hang spices on the wall in labeled glass jars with this simple design!

In the bedroom

3. Boot storage


Image: Roeshel/DIY Show Off

When you're not wearing your leather or suede boots, keep them safely stowed by hanging them in your closet with skirt hangers. This is a great way to help them keep their shape and free up closet floor space.

4. Framed jewelry organizer


Image: Aniko/Place of My Taste

Turn an old picture frame into a picture perfect jewelry organizer that doubles as decor. The best way to keep earrings together and out of harm's way is to have a place to stow them that won't get mussed or knocked about.

In the bathroom

5. Bath toy baskets


Image: ="">Angela/Blue I Style

A parent knows better than anyone that the best way to ruin a relaxing bath is a surprise rubber duck. Keep bath toys in baskets that are accessible for kids but easy to organize when playtime is done.

6. Toilet supply storage


Image: Carmel/Our Fifth House

It's not always easy to find storage space for your toilet supplies where they'll stay safe, dry and totally accessible when the need arises. Which is why this clever DIYer created her own by adding beautiful window boxes to an open bathroom wall.

In the garage

7. Pegboard tool organizer


Image: Susan/Living Rich on Less

Want to beat the stockpiled clutter in your garage? Add a pegboard to your garage wall, so that every tool and fix-it machine has a spot all its own. Keep extra S-hooks nearby in case you want to add bits and bobs to your organizer later on.

8. Ceiling crate storage


Image: Jeff/Home Repair Tutor

Try this minimal DIY wood project to add ceiling storage to your garage and free up the floor space for cars, bikes, a game room, anything you've been dreaming of but haven't had the space for.

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